CEO Q & A - Aug 1, 2010
Sunday, August 01 2010 04:00

Question: (Can you please) contact Yahoo and bring the Comstock Mining Inc message board back up. (It) doesn't look very good to lose that link and also have no (alternative) corporate blog or website currently active. Also, some corporate credibility is dependent on this website activation by no later than August 1, as promised by (Mr.) DeGasperis. Missing link on the yahoo board creates unnecessary worry.

Answer: Thank you for the question/comment. We understand a sense of frustration when there is little to no consistent forum for communications. We certainly agree these channels should reliably exist and hope the timely activation of our website by August 1st, begins meeting this need.  I thank our team for all their hard efforts for this timely, initial launch.  Please also appreciate we have only just begun populating the content of this channel.  The site is designed to be evergreen and we will continually populate it timely, with the most relevant data.

Regarding other channels (Yahoo, etc.), although we are considerate of all information in the public forum, including or and other governed data repositories, we cannot, and do not have the wherewithal or authority to govern independent chat rooms or blogs. We may, time permitting, when we notice they are disabled or erroneous, advise those forums that there may be an error or broken link, but please understand that we cannot nor do we plan on managing them.   
We will ensure effective communications through formal, quality-controlled channels, including press releases, conference calls, industry presentations, SEC filings and furnishings, technical reports, etc.  This will ensure effective and consistent communication with our keen stakeholders, avoid selective disclosures and properly protect the Company from unnecessary risk, miscommunications and liabilities.  

We are interested in all activities that advance the goal of this Company.  We are equally disinterested in activities that do not.  We will meet our scheduled intermediate objectives, relentlessly drive toward our goal and communicate our progress as achieved. This must remain our sole focus.

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO