CEO Blog Welcome
Sunday, August 01 2010 04:00
Welcome to Comstock Mining’s CEO Blog.  This forum supports our philosophy of corporate transparency and provides a practical mechanism for timely and effective communications.  We have already received a dozen inquiries through the “Contact Us” section of the website. Through the Blog, we will answer relevant and frequently asked questions in an effort to clarify and enhance our stakeholders understanding of our goal and our methods for achieving it.  We anticipate answering 3-5 of the most relevant questions per week. We believe that a keen shareholder is a shareholder who understands our goal and our method of wealth creation; a keen shareholder is invested for the duration of the plan.  We believe most of our shareholders feel that way.  They believe in the longer-term potential of the Comstock and they see Revitalizing the Comstock (that is, transforming the Comstock Lode District into a vital gold and silver producing regional enterprise) as a tremendous wealth creator for all of our stakeholders: Our shareholders, our people, our partners and our community.

Ironically, many companies today communicate less, especially public companies, because of the significant amount of regulation surrounding public disclosure and Rule FD has scared them mute.  We do not see a conflict between the SEC and the Financial Disclosure rules (and great compliance therewith) and an open, honest flow of communications about our Company.  When this blog is repeating or clarifying an existing disclosure, it will reside here.  When the blog announces material, new disclosure, it will result in a press release or other news releases or filings compliant with the disclosure regulations.

We will try to answer as many relevant inquiries as possible.   In some cases, the questions answered may be an amalgamation of similar questions.  We will always attempt to present the questions as or as close to the original inquiry as possible.

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO