CEO Blog - September 28, 2012
Friday, September 28 2012 15:41


We are very pleased to report that we have loaded our first two full batches of precipitate material into the retort furnace, commencing the final processes for pouring gold and silver!  The first pour is imminent and will commence today and will likely continue through the weekend.

We also have two heap pads currently under leach and that new process has continued quite smoothly, with the leaching cycle proceeding slightly faster than expected.

These pictures were taken Thursday evening showing us loading the precipitate tray and Cliff Nelson and team loading the retort furnace.

Loading precipitate in tray


Loading the retort furnace

We couldn’t be prouder that we are mining, hauling, crushing, leaching, processing and almost ready to start pouring silver and gold on The Comstock again!!  We expect to pour today and most all of this weekend.  

It’s a truly historic achievement and we are all honored to be part of the return of real, responsible mining to The Comstock.  

We look forward to celebrating the first pour right here on the Comstock with all of our stakeholders and the Community at large, later next month. Invitations to follow!!

Best Regards from The Comstock,

Corrado De Gasperis

President & CEO