CEO Blog - September 13, 2012
Thursday, September 13 2012 02:00


We are very pleased to report that we have begun the leaching process for gold and silver recovery. We have two cells currently under the drip lines and the new process has commenced quite smoothly. The crusher is also fully operational and we have crushed, agglomerated and stacked in excess of 70,000 tons of mineralized material on the heap pad.   

The leaching process adds cyanide solution to the heap through a network of drip lines. This solution runs continuously, leaching gold and silver from the material stacked on the heap pads, soon to be recovered through the Company's processing facilities!

We have already amassed over 1,750 ounces of recoverable gold and over 15,000 ounces of recoverable silver on the leach pads and we very much look forward to announcing our first pour and revenue in the coming weeks.

The following video captures the current process from delivery at the crusher to irrigation on the heap pad:


Leaching Begins - Sept 12, 2012 - MP4 version for download or iPhone / iPad viewing


These two pictures were taken yesterday and show the irrigation pattern on the heap and the drip system operating:

Drip lines over heap pad


Close-up showing drip line operation

We couldn’t be prouder that we are mining, hauling, crushing and leaching on The Comstock. It’s a truly historic opportunity and we are all honored to be part of the return of real, responsible mining to The Comstock.

We look forward to celebrating the first pour in the upcoming weeks!


Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis

President & CEO