CEO Blog - April 27, 2012
Saturday, April 28 2012 02:08


Question: Are there any more outstanding appeals on your permits?  Wasn’t the hearing for the appeal on your exploration permit today?

Answer: There are no outstanding appeals on any of our permits.  

Our last permit issued, a Class I, Air Quality Operating Permit, issued by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) was never appealed. The next previously issued permit, Reclamation Permit No. 0315 was originally scheduled for a hearing before the Nevada State Environmental Commission (NSEC) today but that appeal was recently withdrawn, dropping the last existing challenge to our permits.  NDEP also issued that permit and it has been effective since December 31, 2011. The permit authorizes exploration drilling for the Company’s Lyon County exploration and development activities, that is, the Dayton Resource and Spring Valley Target Areas. The NSEC had already dismissed Comstock Resident Association’s (CRA’s) first appeal of the Reclamation Permit at a February 15, 2012 hearing. This second appeal to the exploration permit challenged the Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) included in the permit. The appeal was withdrawn without any changes made to the SAP.

The SAP is one of the most extensive plans prepared and implemented within the Carson River Mercury Superfund Site and was approved by NDEP’s Bureau of Corrective Actions (NDEP-BAC). Even with such a thorough and comprehensive plan, we are sampling significantly more locations than required under the SAP. We are not only sampling in areas where we will work, but we are also sampling the majority of the historic workings located within our land holdings. Since approval of the SAP at the end of January 2012, extensive, independent sampling has been conducted by McGinley & Associates, Inc., using the SAP protocols and overseen by NDEP-BAC.

The SAP is working effectively to identify and understand existing soil compositions, clear legacy concerns over potential contaminates and ensure the health and welfare of our employees and the greater Comstock community. Our program goes well beyond similar programs. To date, over 1500 samples have been taken and tested and we are now more rapidly clearing the Comstock of this previously devaluing perception of its landscape.

We have all the permits required for all currently planned exploration programs and mining production. We have initiated all pre-mining construction activities required and remain on schedule to begin pouring gold and silver this summer.  

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis

President & CEO