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Pure Comstock Silver Nevada Sesquicentennial Medallion
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CEO Blog - April 29, 2012
Saturday, April 28 2012 01:48
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Question:  It seems like the company is more actively engaging about the Comstock and the surrounding community.  How is the Company integrating itself into the community?

Answer:  Thank you for the acknowledgement and the question.  We have worked very hard to work openly and cooperatively with the community to create sustainable, positive and diverse opportunities for the greater community, its residents and our employees.

We very much care about our rich mining and natural history, expanding tourism, and mining in ways sensitive to the unique qualities of the Comstock Historic District.  Our objective is to continue to support and contribute to our great community. 

The community has also begun approaching us in numerous ways for participation in real, sustainable, community led initiatives.  For example, this summer, we are hosting an event at the Gold Hill Hotel that will celebrate the rediscovery of the long missing Jones Brothers’ tombstone that was recently returned to the Comstock!

More recently, just this past weekend we once again hosted Professor George Wheeldon and his geology class of 25 students from Folsom Lake College for a full geological tour of the Comstock District and, this year, ended their tour by visiting Comstock Mining’s processing facilities currently in the final stages of construction at American Flat.

Some of the students spent the weekend touring the Virginia City area, enjoying the many relics of the historic mining town and the modern shops.  They were granted an excursion to review geologic features at the Company's current operation.  

Sunday, April 22nd dawned clear and warm for the group tour with our V.P. of Exploration and Mine Development, Larry Martin, CPG.  Also, assisting in the field was one of our Senior Geologists, Bill Mitchell.  Bill actually began his training and professional career studying under Professor Wheeldon, in a class similar to this one.  

The day began with Larry presenting a visual tour of the Company's interpretation of the Comstock's geology.  He showed specific highlights of his and our geological team's paper that was presented at the 2010 GSN Symposium, “Re-thinking the Comstock: Volcanic Domes and Arcuate Structures.”  

You can find it here:

Google Earth Photo, with interpretation

The historic workings of the Comstock and Silver City Lodes appear to mimic an interpreted, arcuate structure.  Comstock Mining geologists have modeled exploration targets along these structures and have been successful in significantly increasing the Company's gold and silver resources.


Professor Wheeldon demonstrates to the students how to chip rock in a downward and outward strike, to reveal interesting features in a mineralized rock.  Shown here, quartz crystals form inside an open vug within a brecciated and silicified rock.  Black patches visible throughout the stone are ferro-manganese minerals.

Folsom Lake College Field Trip on the Comstock, April 2012

We enjoy hosting educational field trips and sharing the unique, rich natural histories and robust geology of the Comstock Lode.

Kindest Regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO