CEO Blog - September 30, 2011
Friday, September 30 2011 23:35
Question:  Your last public disclosure indicates that the next update of the Company’s NI 43-101 technical report was scheduled for completion in September and that future press releases will announce the report and highlight additional findings.  Is the report on track?

Answer: Yes, we have completed all of our geological analysis and submitted all of the drilling results and resource analysis to Behre Dolbear and Behre Dolbear has completed substantially all of their fieldwork.   These drilling results include over 350 new holes of drilling data totaling over 125,000 feet, drilled both the Lucerne and Dayton resource areas and reflects the largest, most productive exploration and development drilling program in the Company’s history.  The Behre Dolbear report will be dated September 30, 2011 and we anticipate a full, final draft from Behre Dolbear later next week.  We will incorporate all findings in the report into a press release, as indicated, and release those results the week of October 10.

 We intend to post the new, full report when it becomes available. Previous technical reports can also be found on our website at:

We very much look forward to releasing and sharing these extremely productive results.


Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO