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CEO Blog - May 15, 2011
Sunday, May 15 2011 13:59
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Question: What types of educational activities, if any, is the company planning?

Answer: Educational activities are an excellent way for our company to interact with the community, and we are always willing and excited to share our expertise. Recently, a group of adult students from Folsom Lake College visited on a Sunday afternoon and were treated to a tour of the mine by our Chief Geologist Larry Martin. Participants came from various fields of study like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and the Geosciences, but all enjoyed Larry’s presentation about the underlying structure of the Comstock. George A. Wheeldon, Professor of Geology, brought the students up to experience the rich heritage of the Comstock Lode and then explore first hand, the unique geology that formed here 15 million years ago. Professor Wheeldon has scheduled field excursions to the Comstock with prior classes and told us it was the highlight of the year.


Folsom Lake College Field Trip on the Comstock, May 2011

Later this month, our team has scheduled an educational field trip for seniors from Virginia City High School. The focus of this visit will again be the geology of the Comstock Lode. This year’s field trip resulted from discussions with Dr. Robert Slaby, Superintendent of Schools, and Principal Patrick Beckwith. We anticipate creating a formal educational program that will integrate with the local school district for students in all grade levels. Topics will focus on science and math, but will additionally supplement existing history programs. A similar program will be offered to Lyon County and other local school districts.

Our educational outreach will extend beyond just schools. The recent acquisition of the Gold Hill Hotel creates a great opportunity to expand the community outreach that has already taken place at the property place for years. The historic lecture series will continue, and we are considering new ways the Hotel might serve as a community center for educational programs involving not only history and mining, but such varied social issues as job creation and vocational training, wildlife care and management, and the arts.

You can expect future updates as our new programs and ideas are created, refined and implemented. As one Folsom Lake College student recently put it after viewing how our team’s geologic expertise illuminated drilling targets with such a high degree of success: “Science works!” This shows how the rewards for education are in the creation of understanding, and understanding fuels the creation of a community working together for a sustainable and mutually prosperous future.



Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO