CEO Blog - April 15, 2011
Friday, April 15 2011 19:47

Question: Why is a mining company acquiring the Gold Hill Hotel?

Answer: The Gold Hill Hotel is truly one of the precious gems of the Comstock, one of its oldest and most historic buildings, and the most significant commercial business in Gold Hill. Our investment indicates the seriousness of our engagement and integration into the greater Comstock economic community. Mining and tourism are not in conflict. We are planning and designing our mining operations and revitalization activities to compliment the base tourism economy of the Comstock. We are becoming a vibrant part of this community and plan on being so for a very long time. Historically, mining was the backbone of this area. Today, tourism is a huge partner in that distinction. We believe the area has incredible growth potential and we are investing and participating in a meaningful way, all across the Comstock. This includes investing in historic preservation and restoration, creating and preserving mining and non-mining jobs that improve the quality of this historic mining community throughout both Storey and Lyon counties.


Unique to Comstock Mining is its connection with principal investor, John Winfield, whose company is the primary owner of the San Francisco Hilton. In addition, Comstock’s Chairman of the Board, Bill Nance, has many years of experience in hotel and restaurant management/ownership, including operationally with the San Francisco Hilton. Interestingly, the economic and social ties between San Francisco and the Comstock were crucially important to the formative history of both areas, and this connection is well-suited to a current-day tourism link. Cross-marketing the Gold Hill Hotel and the Comstock in the Bay Area will not only benefit tourism, it will broaden our exposure as a Company to an investor community not generally reached by the precious metals communication network.

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Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO