CEO Blog - April 6, 2011
Wednesday, April 06 2011 19:50
Question: How would you characterize the company’s relationship with Silver City?

Answer: Our relationship with Silver City is open, engaged, professional, usually constructive and almost always civil. We have direct and open dialogue with nearly the entire community. The community is within a reasonable proximity of our Dayton Resource Area. We have existing employees who also live in the community and we anticipate that more will want to move into that community, as well as into Virginia City. None of these points deny that some of the residents are tense about the uncertainty that inherently rests with exploration drilling, mine planning and development. Residents are proud of their community and some of them demonstrate a spirit disproportionate to their relatively small population. There is also a staunch, albeit smaller, group of pro mining, pro development advocates.  Local government consists of an advisory board that reports to the Lyon County Board of Commissioners.

Phase I drilling on the Dayton Resource has been completed and confirmed our early expectation to continue exploration and in-fill drilling to ultimately develop this resource as a second mine. We strongly believe our presence in the area brings immediate benefits to the community. Our investments in land, infrastructure, people and the community have just begun. We place the highest priority on preserving (and restoring) the historical character of the Comstock while revitalizing and delivering commercial and economic benefits for the community.  It cannot be denied that this mine operation will bring change for some residents.  While we believe these changes create positive impacts, we will continue to practically minimize some of the negative impacts. Philosophically, we believe we will enhance the quality of life on the Comstock, and our whole organization is committed to a sustainable, mutually beneficial operation.

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO