CEO Blog - Mar 23, 2011
Wednesday, March 23 2011 17:37

Question:  What is the status of listing on NYSE-Amex and TSX?

Answer:   We are directly engaged with the AMEX team for listing on the NYSE-Amex and we believe we meet all the listing requirements.  We have submitted substantially all of the required information.  The remaining requirement is the year-end financial statements that will become available when we file our Annual Report on Form 10-K.  We believe we will obtain our listing, pending review of our application and our Annual Report on Form 10-K, as early as May 2011.  Our company has achieved such a positive change in our capital structure, including a successful reverse stock spilt, a full debt for permanent equity exchange and a capital raise with an outstanding list of institutional investors resulting in a strong, well capitalized balance sheet.

Earlier this month, I returned from the PDAC 2011 conference held in Toronto.  While there, I met with the team at Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) to further our progression to listing on that exchange.  We have already submitted our technical reports, details on our exploration plans and Director and Officers’ Personnel Information Forms (PIF’s).  These submissions tend to require the longest lead-time items for TSX review.  As a Nevada corporation (and proud of it) as opposed to say, a Delaware corporation, we have some additional review requirements.  Just for clarification, we are not interested in listing on the TSX Venture (TSX-V) exchange.  Our governance and capital structure likely qualify us for the big board, that is, the TSX.  The TSX listing is a future objective, consistent with cultivating a broader investor base.  The TSX process, although engaged, will follow the NYSE listing.

I would like to add that we were met with many interested investors and industry leaders at the PDAC 2011 conference.  More and more professionals in our industry are becoming familiar with The Comstock.  The story continues to be positively received and we are excited that these activities will have a positive impact on broadening our already keen shareholder base.

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO