CEO Blog - Mar 9, 2011
Wednesday, March 09 2011 14:32

Question: The drill results D-11-03, 09, and now 21 appear to line up in a high grade structure. Could this be an undiscovered bonanza vein on the Comstock? When will this area be densely drilled enough to get an accurate picture of this system?

Answer: The goals of the first phase of our Dayton drilling program were to test the continuity of mineralization to greater depths, and to validate and calibrate our exploration model for the Dayton.   With the drilling complete, our geological professionals are now evaluating the drilling results and updating their interpretation of Dayton geology.

The drill results for the holes you mentioned are indeed exciting, but it is too early to say that we have an undiscovered bonanza.  The next round of drilling, scheduled to begin after our current East-side drilling is complete, will be more closely-spaced to help us connect the high-grade structures across the property.   Whatever their orientation, understanding these zones will be key to our mine planning efforts.

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO