CEO Blog - Jan 24, 2011
Monday, January 24 2011 22:57

Sound Abatement and Recent Activities on The Comstock

Our drilling in the Dayton Resource Area has brought us closer to Silver City, NV. In some cases, the natural topography of the Comstock Lode District may act as a sound amplifier.  Acknowledging this effect, we have implemented special sound abatement curtains designed to absorb most of the noise generated from drilling.  We have also engaged an acoustic engineer that has taken area baseline sound readings before drilling and during drilling before the sound curtains were installed.  We will continue to monitor the sound readings after installation of the sound barriers to better increase their effectiveness.

sound-curtains2b  sound-curtains1b

In addition, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection has been onsite recently and we remain compliant with all state and local regulations. Because we value our communities, our goals include minimizing disruption to the extent practically possible. Early reports from our communities have been encouraging as the noise abatement structures are working. 

Kindest regards,

Corrado De Gasperis
President and CEO